How to Run Japanese Games on Windows 10

How to run japanese hentai games on windows

There are a lot of great japanese games that you can enjoy. But what if you stumble upon one that does not want to run? You get some kind of error? The answer is simple, because your system does not support japanese language. But no worries. Solution for this is as simple as few clicks.

In the past everyone used Applocate to play japanese games on their systems. However on Windows 10 it is no longer supported. Bad news? Not really. With proper locale emulator it is even simpler than Microsoft Applocate.
Support current Windows 10 (including: XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10)

How to Run Japanese Games on English Windows Step by Step

1) Download NTLEA – a portable emulator
2) Extract downloaded archive.
3) Run ntleasWin.exe
4) Select your japanese game location
5) click Save & Run
6) Your game will start

Simple? Simple.
There are alternatives such as Locale Emulator. Try out if you want.

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