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  1. Can someone clarify somethings for me?
    Are all the mother one in the same (but with different names) in this H-manga?

    I’ve read the raw… and it seems like all the women (mothers) in this H-manga all look the same, it’s really weird and I’m really confused… I don’t get it, nor do I understand the story with all the facial and hair style being almost identical. Even the son looks the same in every chapter except for the last (raep shit or whatever it is… and she totally looks like the same woman from all the other chapters…).

    Like in ch. 8 (pg. 43 in the TOC) and ch.11 (pg. 91) both the mothers look alike. I thought it was some kind of continuation from ch. 8 but I was wrong, it was a totally different story! The son in ch.8’s name was “Satoshi-kun” and the one in ch.11’s was “Jun-kun” And I believe that ch. 11 had a prequel or sequel or what not towards the next couple of chapters. On that note, the mothers look the same!!!

    From ch. 11-14 (pg. 91-139) it seemed like these chapters had some relation since the son/brother/guy in there had the same name “Jun.” However, I do not understand the flow of the story, and with the look-alike women faces it gives me an even harder time to understand what is going on…

    And in the brother-sister chapters, some of them looked alike! Even in the 6 short stories they all look almost the same! Don’t get me wrong I know they have different names and all, but why did Izawa Shinichi-san not vary the hair and facials a little bit more so I don’t get confused on who is who even the guys face looked identical to me…

    Is chapter 7 and 15 related to any of the chapters (except the colored chapters since they have their names written on the the first page)?

    By the way, in some of the chapters they don’t even tell you the mother’s name… So I end up thinking she’s the same as the one on the next chapter!

    Sorry for the long summary and questions XD… but it would be great if anyone or the one who TLed this could clarify some of these questions for… I’m just hooked on this.

    I’m serious I want some explanation!!!

    Oh, and thanks for the first 8 chapters!!!

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