Gibo (Stepmother’s Sin)

Gibo Stepmother Sin Hentai Game

Gibo – Stepmother’s Sin (English) [Uncensored] + 100% save
Developer: Guilty
Genre: H-Game, Eroge, Nukige, Step Mother, Perverted Protagonist
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Size: 505MB

Description: Yuusuke’s father has remarried and suddenly he got a new stepmother (gibo). The woman was young and beautiful. When he looked at Misako for the first time, he felt that something had moved inside him. As the days went by, Yuusuke found himself thinking of his new mother in ways that shocked even himself.

Original Title: 義母

3 Comments to "Gibo (Stepmother’s Sin)"

  1. gets blank when started the game, heard the japs voice but no pic at all…any1 else had the same problem?pleaseeeeeeeeeee……….. (yet sorry 4my bad english)

  2. You have video codec problem. The simplest way to play the game is to rename/delete starting movie clip (Op.avi) in install folder. That way the movie will not be found and skipped.

  3. Awesome game!!! Thanks for the share, got more like this?

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