Mangaka: OHTOMO Takuji
Doujinshi Circle: Member of Number2 and Studio Wallaby.
Genres: Adult, Hentai, Harem, School Life, Comedy

[Takuji] You Damn Coward (Full Color)

Schoolgirl almost caught having sex

A story of how janitor found schoolgirls phone with her naked pics, blackmailed her and made her his own slut to fuck any time he wanted. He was a gentleman. He started with a condom..

Deflowering Teenage Busty Virgin (Anal Toy)

teacher deflowering busty teenage virgin hentai, anal toy in ass

Busty diligent teenage virgin gets deflowered by her P.E teacher. Starting with anal, it didn’t take long since she was begging for more.

Famous Idol Gangbang in Toilet (Uncensored Comics)

Idol Gangbang


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