Rape in hentai is actually very common. However its mostly happy rape, which could be called more like.. forced sex? That would be probably the better tag name. Cause its pretty hard to rape “sleeping” slut. It makes you wonder who exacly is being raped..

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Dragon Ball - Chichi Doujin (Full Color)

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Teens Flashing Tits Old Men

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Sakura Haruno x Uchiha Sasuke Hentai Porn Doujin

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Makinosaka Shinichi - Pure Girl [Uncensored]

Artist: Makinosaka Shinichi
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Siren (Kurono Masakado)

Artist: Kurono Masakado
Category: Books
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The Codename Is Yokozuna (Succubus)

Artist: Kira Hiroyoshi
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Videl x Gohan Hentai

Artist: Pyramid House
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Itazura Senyou Hanabira Seito Kaichou

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Until She Becomes A Slutty Teacher

Artist: Hoshino Ryuichi (2006)
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