To ejaculate on a part of the body. For example, on the face (facial), in the mouth, on the breasts, on the legs, buttocks or panties. Because of its common occurrence in sexual acts mostly posts with preview picture showing cumshots are labeled as such.

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[K-ON!] Azusa Nakano x Akiyama Mio Bukkake

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Just look at those big inverted nipples..

Schoolgirl Bitch Hole (Toilet Cum Dump)

Cum dump schoolgirl with a speculum in her pussy hentai manga

"The guy loved it too. After that he'd come once a week and use my pussy as a toilet to pour his semen into."

Cumming on Sisters Panty Covered Pussy

Pervert Sister Cum on Panties Hentai Manga

[Samurai Warriors] In Sangoku Musou 3

Cum on face Dynasty Warriors hentai manga

Brother Helps Injured Sister Fuck (Incest)

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