Code Geass

Code Geass: Lelough of the Rebellion is a Japanese anime series.
Holy Britannian Empire conquest Japan with their powerfull robo/mecha weapons. Male heroine Lelouch vi Britannian, gains ability called Geass which allows him to control peoples actions. With lots of hatred toward Britannian, hidden behind mask, and with codename Zero, he becomes Japan resistance leader.

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Book of Outrageous Sluts (Redrop)


Tokyo Concession Broadcast (Milly Ashford)

Milly Ashford Hentai Code Geass

Black Knights (Pierced Kaguya x Milking Kallen)

Kaguya Sumeragi Hentai Anal Piercing

Code Geass Hentai Doujin Collection

Code Geass Hentai Doujin Collection

Kallen Drug Slut (Code Geas)

Kallen Stadtfeld Doujin

Code Geass – F-56 (Prisoner Kallen)

Code Geass - F-56 (Prisoner Kallen)

Eleven Usagi (Kallen, Smegma)

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Ashford Gakuen Ero Matsuri (Code Geass, COLOR)

Ashford Gakuen Ero Matsuri (Code Geass, COLOR)

Code Geass – HI-SICS 01 (Villetta Nu)

Villetta Nu x Lelouch

Code Geass – Hide and Seek 1-2 (Anya and C.C.)

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