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I use Media Player Classic Nightly. Some people tends to like VLC cause of ability to open any files with build-in codecs, but to tell you the truth. The only codecs you need are lavfilters, and everything will work fine. Unless you really like codec packs, then feel free to go that foulty way.

Simple rules to happy watching hentai videos.
1.. These Movies works
2.. If they doesn’t work for you, it’s your player/codec problem.
3.. If it’s MKV format, then you can be pretty much sure there are soft subtitles. That means you can watch movie with them or without them. If you don’t see them, enable subtitles in your player.

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Fluid Fantasy – 捕らわれの奴隷


Fluid Fantasy VII Captured Slave – 捕らわれの奴隷
Author: 7thDream
Release: 23/05/2011
Genre: RAW, 3D Hentai Video, Final Fantasy, Tifa Raped

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Cougar Trap (English, Uncensored)

Title: Cougar Trap (aka Musuko no Tomodachi ni Okasarete)
Type: Uncensored Hentai OVA (2Episodes)
Genre: Mother, Housewife, Incest, Mature Women
Format: MKV with English Subtitle + mini-mkv

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HypnoloveSaimin Gakuen [English Subtitles]
Genre: Uncensored, Hentai Anime, Rape, Hypnotic Gun, Female Students, Female Teacher

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Do You Know The Milfing Man

Title: Do You Know the Milfing Man? (English)
Alternative Title: Gibo no Toiki
Type: Hentai OVA (2 ep.) 60min
Tags: Uncensored, Milky, Incest, Step Mother, 2006, Older Woman, Animated Movie

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Cosplay Sex Machine (Uncensored)

Title: Artificial Girl: Transforming Sex Android (Cosplay Sex Machine)
Type: Hentai Animated Video – OVA [2 Episodes 2009]
Format: MKV, English Subtitle
Genre: UNCENSORED, Comedy

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Man`in Densha

Title: Manin Densha – Manin Bus – Man`in Densha
Type: Hentai Animated Video
Genre: Complete, Rape, Train Molester, Chikan, Female Teacher
Format: MP4, English Subtitle

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Body Transfer

Body Transfer hentai video cover

Body Transfer (English Subtitles) – Nikutai Teni
Type: Hentai Video (2 Episodes 2003-2004)
Genre: Uncensored, Gender Bender (Body Exchange)
Description: Summer break of the high school, a mysterious vessel used for the ritual was sent to the school archaeology club. The club members lost conscience when the light from the vessel illuminated them. When they wake up, their conscience was transferred into different body. The strange phenomena repeated over and over.

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School of Bondage

Title: School of Bondage – School of Masochists (1-3 Episodes)
Type: Hentai Animated Movie (2002)
Genre: Uncensored, Female Students, Teacher, Gangbang, Bondage, Sex Slaves, Fisting, Dildos – Vibrators, Domination
Format: MKV – Eng/Jap Language – English/Russian Subtitle

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Suima Princess (3D Video)

Suima princess Episode 1 (3D Hentai Video)
Developer: Double Soft Cream
Genre: 3D Animation, Mystic
Size: 744Mb 59m46s
Video from Suima Princess Game.

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After Class Lesson (Hentai Anime)

After Class Lesson hentai video uncensored

After Class Lesson – Houkago Nureta Seifuku (Uncensored)
Type: Hentai OVA – 2005 [3 Episodes]
Genre: Rape, School Girl, Teacher
Format: MKV | English Subtitles

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