Issho ni H Shiyo 1-6

Isshoni H Shiyo Episodes 1-6 (English Subbed)
Type: Hentai Anime
Genre: Video, POV, Childhood Friend, Sister, Virgin, Schoolgirls
Size: 611MB MP4 MKV

Six independant episodes with guy’s POV.
Episode 1: Your drunk childhood friend has no place to spend the night.
Episode 2: Your kōhai (you are senpai) comes over and brings you lunch.
Episode 3: You hire a maid, she has cat ears and a tale. But she’s very clumsy.
Episode 4: You’re doing homework but your sister and her girlfriend are noisy.
Episode 5: Your step sister comes to town for a visit.
Episode 6: You dream of being a farmer. Your cousin visits you and help.

Alternative Titles: Isshoni H Shiyo ~ Takai Haruka Hen ~, 一緒にHしよっ

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  1. anonyguy says:

    well, the anime is good, the censorship is mosaic murder, and the subtitles are funnier than what I think they were meant to be.

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