Cougar Trap (English, Uncensored)

Title: Cougar Trap (aka Musuko no Tomodachi ni Okasarete)
Type: Uncensored Hentai OVA (2Episodes)
Genre: Mother, Housewife, Incest, Mature Women
Format: MKV with English Subtitle + mini-mkv

Screenshot Preview:

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4 Responses to “Cougar Trap (English, Uncensored)”

  1. KingSilverwolf says:

    English Subtiles is a lie. I’ve just watched Cougar Trap and it isn’t subbed. I’m suprised no one else has said anything.

  2. KingSilverwolf says:

    If a h-anime hasn’t been subbed refrain from saying that it is. It is a let down for those of us who download with the intent of watching who don’t speak japanese.

  3. admin says:

    This anime does have english subtitles. But like all MKV files, they are integrated. You can switch them off and on.

    While playing video in player you should click Haali Media Splitter tray or DirectVobSub icon (right bottom screen) and select subtitles to be displayed.

    If its still not showing them, you should try different player or install proper codecs (like CCCP pack or just DirectVobSub). And configure to always show while playing video.

  4. not a n00b says:

    Admins right, plays fine in vlc with sub’s. The rest of you must be idiots….

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