After Class Lesson (H-Anime)

After Class Lesson Hentai Anime

After Class Lesson 1-3 (English Subbed) [Uncensored]
Type: Hentai Anime
Genre: Video, School Girls, Rape, Teacher, Camera
Size: 782MB MKV

Plot: Shibui Ryuji is a teacher at all-girl school whose students are born in well-off families. All students hate him because of his figure and perverted nature. However, he happens to know the weakness of Tenkawa Ayumi, so he raped her. Tasting blood, he begins to target other of his students, one after another taking advantages of their weakness.

Screencap Preview

Alternative Titles: Houkago Nureta Seifuku, 放課後 ~濡れた制服~

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Updated on: Nov 19, 2017

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