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Oneshots: Short hentai stories (About 20-30 pages)
Series: Stories with more than 1-2 chapters
Packs: oneshots + books by specific author, various compilations

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Magic Wand (Blackmail, Tsukino Jyogi)

Title: Magic Wand (English Translated)
Mangaka: Moon Ruler (Tsukino Jyogi, Tsukino Jogi)
Genre: Horny Cheating Wife, Blackmail, Milf
Size: 12MB 24pages

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Boku no Suki na Obasan


Title:  Boku no Suki na Obasan from Kindan no Haha Ana (English)
Author:  Takasugi Kou
Genre:  Comics, Returning Favor, Old Lady, Milf, Big Breasts

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Laughting Counselor (Nanboku)


Title: Laughting Counselor (English)
Author: Nanboku
Genre: Oneshot Manga, Femdom, X-Ray, Big Breasts, Cheating, Blindfolded Man

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Mika-Sensei no Yuutsu (Futa)


Title: Mika-Sensei no Yuutsu (English)
Author: Musashi-Dou
Genre: Futanari Teacher, Exhibitionism, Sex Toys, Rape, Mind Break, Blackmail

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Miss Dentist (Mitsuya)

Title: Miss Dentist (English and Uncensored Version)
Author: Mitsuya
Genre: Sexy Underwear, Big Breasts, Doctor Dentist, Creampie
Size: 15MB 25pages

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Love Quartet (Meme50)

Title: Love Quartet (English Comics)
Author: Meme50
Genre: oneshot, manga, big breasts, foursome, regular

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The Kind Girl is my Infirmary Sensei (Bondage Sex)

tied up school nurse bondage sex hentai

The Kind Girl is my Infirmary Sensei (English) [Uncensored]
Author: Karukiya
Genre: school nurse, big breasts, glasses, bondage, lingerie, stockings, sex toys
Size: 8MB 20pages

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Girl teasing with Soaked Panties Cameltoe (Femdom)

pussy slide cock on wet panties cameltoe hentai
I love any kind of pussy slide. And you have here beautiful girl in wet panties letting guy’s cock touch her soaked pussy. She is teasing him, touching, sucking, and yet not allowing to cum. Asking to save it for later. And if he manage to not ejaculate till then.. She will let him deposit all of his cum in her womb.

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Oh Lovely Pretty Sexy Misaki (Granny Disguise)

Oh Lovely Pretty Sexy Misaki (English)
Mangaka: Karma Tatsurou
Genre: Hentai, Milf, Shota, Glasses, Granny, Disguise

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Young Cute Fox Girl Draining Semen

Cute fox girl hentai manga
Young hero while visiting shrine, met cute fox girl. She was troubled, because she wanted to help her goddess friend regain her strenght. But to do that, she needed human semen. Even though she was totally inexperienced, boy shown her ways how to make him cum.

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