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Oneshots: Short hentai stories (About 20-30 pages)
Series: Stories with more than 1-2 chapters
Packs: oneshots + books by specific author, various compilations

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Change (Makinosaka Shinichi, English)

Hentai Manga by Makinosaka Shinichi

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Teacher Trying to Get Pregnant (Tsukino Jyogi)

Hentai Manga by Tsukino Jyogi
Title: Refill(English)
Genre: School Teacher, Trying to get Pregnant, Oneshot
Size: 19MB 20pages

Fucking Friend’s Mother while Playing Game

Fucking friend’s mother while playing game.
Title: Lvl69 (English)
Author: Tsukino Jyogi (Jogi)
Genre: One-shot, Shotacon, Friends Mother, Impregnation, Older Woman
Size: 11MB 20files

Morning Wake up Sex (Tsukino Jyogi)

Hentai Manga by Tsukino Jyogi
Title: Morning Wake up Love Call (English)
Genre: School Girl, Sleeping Sex, Oneshot, Creampie
Size: 6MB 16pages

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The Truth Behind Rumors (Coelacanth)

The Truth Behind Rumors (English)
Author: Coelacanth (Shiirakansu)
Genre: Childhood Friends, Girl with Glasses
Size: 9MB 19pagaes

Sleeping Beauty (Photoshot)

Hentai Manga by Momoiro Toiki
Title: Sleeping Beauty (English) – youkei seikuku 2 kan
Genre: Rape, Camera, Photoshot, Idol, Lolicon, Group
Size: 14MB 44pages

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A Wish Upon the Shooting Star (Coelacanth)


Title: A Wish Upon the Shooting Star – Hoshi ni Negai Wo
Author: Coelacanth
Genre: English, Decensored, Childhood Friends
Size: 6MB 17pages

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Afterschool ch1-4 (English) – Female Teacher

naked female teacher covering her hairy pussy with hands hentai comics

Afterschool Ch1-4 (English H-Manga)
Author: Tsukino Jyogi (Moon Ruler)
Genre: Teacher, Big Penis, X-Ray, School Girl, Peeping, Dark Skin
Size: 55MB 94pages

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Will You Take a Picture of the Idol (Meme50)


Hentai Manga by Meme50
Title: Will You Take a Picture of the Idol (English)
Genre: Oneshot, Camera Photographer, Idol, Uncensored
Size: 16pages

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Just a Sudden Impulse (Sanag Torajiro)


Title: Just a Sudden Impulse (English)
Author: Sanag Torajiro
Genre: One-Shot Manga, Threesome, Blindfold, Brother’s Girlfriend
Size: 13MB 20pages