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Category of english translated Hentai Manga stories.

You will find here:
Oneshots: Short hentai stories (About 20-30 pages)
Packs: oneshots + books by specific author, various compilations

Tomboy Friend’s Sweaty Fetish (Tanlines)

Tomboy friend’s sweaty fetish.

Title: I like it when you’re like that
Mangaka: Kogaino
Genre: English, Comic Dolphin, Sweaty Smell Fetish, Tanlines
Size: 12MB

Come! Look! Tease!

Loli girls panties shot hentai

Come! Look! Tease! (English Hentai Comics)
Author: Ryomoto Hatsumi
Genre: School Girls, Loli, Small Tits, Group Sex, Harem, Panties, Teacher
Size: 19MB 32pages

LL no Love (Inomaru, Volleyball Girl)


Title: LL no Love – (English)
Author: Inomaru (2011)
Genre: Oneshot Manga, Comic Mujin, School Girl, Volleyball Girl, Short Guy
Size: 25pages

Hot Teacher (Abe Morioka, Uncensored)


Title: Hot Teacher (English, Uncensored)
Author: Abe Morioka
Genre: Sensei (Teacher), Cheating Wife with Student, Hairy Pussy, Oneshot

Nice Rack Nurse (Shota, Juan Gotoh)


Title: Nice Rack Nurse (English)
Mangaka: Juan Gotoh (2011)
Genre: Hospital Nurse, Patient, Shotacon, Pissing, Oneshot
Size: 6MB

Muramura Diary – Love Chichi (Utamaro)


Muramura Diary – Love Chichi (English)
Mangaka: Utamaro (2009)
Genre: Group, Hot Milk Comics, Cheating Wife, Gangbang, Swimsuit, Oneshot
Size: 9MB 21images

Yaki Moki Grow Up (Takayaki)


Hentai Manga by Takayaki
Title: Yaki Moki Grow Up
Genre: English, Uncensored, Oneshot, X-Ray, Small Breasts, Waitress
Size: 24MB 24pages

Derenashi (Sexy Underwear, Female Domination)

Girl in sexy underwear with pussy tits holes stroking cock with her feet hentai

Derenashi (English)
Mangaka: ShindoL (Da Hootch)
Genre: S&M, Footjob, Bdsm, Schoolgirl, Defloration, Female Domination, X-Ray, Oneshot
Magazine: from Comic Mujin 2010-07
Size: 11MB 38pages

Perfect Child Making Plan


Perfect Child Making Plan (English)
Mangaka: Norutaru in 2009
Genre: Oneshot, Comedy, Trying to get pregnant, Wife
Size: 10MB 20pages

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Miss Sonomura and the Education of the Newcomer


Title: Miss Sonomura and the Education of the Newcomer
Author: Sabusuka
Genre: English, Oneshot Manga, Glasses, X-Ray, Big Breasts, Working Place
Magazine: COMIC Mujin (2010-02)
Size: 9MB 34pages

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