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Category of english translated Hentai Manga stories.

You will find here:
Oneshots: Short hentai stories (About 20-30 pages)
Packs: oneshots + books by specific author, various compilations

School Teacher Deflowering Cute Student (Shaving)

female virgin student lifting skirt and flashing her bare teenage pussy to her teacher hentai manga
Being a teacher brings some benefits. What if one of your cute students confess love to you and ask to teach her more about sex? Ain’t it something that man has to do as a proper teacher?

As a Teacher (English and Uncensored)
Mangaka: Sahashi Renya
Genre: oneshot, teacher-student, schoolgirl, small breasts, shaving pussy
Size: 16MB 25pages

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Sex with Condom entering Womb (Cervix Penetration Hentai)

sex with condom, pushing through cervix and entering womb hentai
One of benefits of having sex with condom? If you go deep enough, you might not only touch her cervix but push rubber inside her womb. Nice hot fantasy.

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A Good Girl’s Road to becoming a Slut (Evork)

Author: Evork Festa 2011 Winter
Genre: Geek Girl, Glasses, Big Breasts, Full Color, Pregnant
Size: 14MB

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Sproingy Stick (Taropun)

A dick had grown on his forehead funny hentai

Sproingy Stick (English)
Artist: Taropun
Genre: Comedy, Public, Train, Forehead Dick
Size: 11MB 25pages

Twin Sisters Pussy Sandwich Hentai

pussy sandwich threesome sex hentai manga
It’s loli! But its pretty nice fantasy. Especially if you like any kind of cum play. Twin sisters share everything.. even boyfriend. They are surely into each other as well. Licking cum from face. Eating fresh creampie and swapping cum mouth to mouth. With tight pussies sandwich.

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Xmas / Santa Hentai Manga Pack

Blonde sisters in christmas cosplay showing bare butt hentai comics

Xmas / Santa Hentai Manga Collection (English)
Author: Various
Genre: Straight Sex, Sister, Santa, Lolicon, Short Stories
Size: 114MB 233pages

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Rojiura Jack (Jun) Hentai Manga Collection

Horny girl taking his cock out of boxers hentai
Great art, great stories. You surely will like it.

Rojiura Jack (Jun) Hentai Manga Collection (English)
Author: Rojiura Jack (Jun)
Genre: Straight, Childhood Friend, Wife, Monster, Tentacles, Cosplay, Pack
Size: 210MB 13comics

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Soft Poolside (Kensoh Ogawa)

Soft Poolside (English)
Author: Kensoh Ogawa (Fukudahda)
Genre: Swimsuit, Schoolgirl, Defloration, Happy Sex
size: 12MB

Avatar in the Earth

alien touching school girls clitoris masturbating hentai in kneesocks

Avatar in the Earth (English)
Author: Ooishi Chuuni
Genre: Aliens, Threesome, Oneshot
Size: 14MB

Raw Sex of an Amateur Married Woman (Seethru Panties)

Amateur married woman see through panties wedgie hentai

Raw Sex of an Amateur Married Woman (English)
Mangaka: Izawa Shinichi
Genre: Oneshot, Cheating Wife, Anal Sex, Unwanted Creampie, Camera
Related: Circulating Notice of Swapping Wife Volume
Size: 6MB 16pages

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