Honey Breasts (Incest Sister)

Naked sister laying on brother with breasts in honey
When i was small.. My sister made me part of her curiosity about her body, and in the end.. I got used to honey breasts.

Honey Breasts (English)
Mangaka: Kagura Yutakamaru
Genre: Oneshot, Incest, Brother and Sister, School Girl, Titfuck
Size: 11MB 20pages

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  1. Marielle says:

    Let’s start with this; you are perfect just as you are, redgealrss of the size of your breasts. Yes, it was insensitive of him to make such a comment. But don’t let it bother you. The size of a woman’s breast is no indication of anything except that happens to be the size of her breasts. What is really important is how you feel about them, how sensitive they are and what you think about yourself. Accept yourself as you are, without judgment. Women with larger breasts may look nice to some guys now but when those women get older they have problems. But if the size of your breasts is that important to a guy, any guy, then his values are screwed. Find a guy who likes you just as you are, and appreciates you are unique, beautiful, wise, sensitive and wonderful. Tell this guy if he wanted larger breasts he should go find a girl who has what he thinks he wants.

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