Swimsuit Girlfriend (Bosshi, English H-Manga)

Mizugi Kanojyo (Swimsuit Girlfriend, English Volume)
Author: Bosshi (2007)
Translator: Yendi, Ero-Otoko
Description: Contains bondage, sexy girls in swimsuit, group sex, paizuri, rape, defloration, incest with sister, seethru kunoichi
Size: 100MB 184pictures

Collection of short stories:
1: White Temptation
2: Summer Jumbo Mizuho
3: Mizuho! Exercise!
4: 1+1 Girlfriend
5: Electric Trouble Play Now!!
6: Water Trouble
7: Wash Girl (Bath for Both)
8: Lending A Lovely Hand
9: Heartbeat Upgrade
10: Marshmallow Morning!!
11: Experiment After School
12: Fallen Ninja
Special Shot: Mizugi Kanojyo – Transcending Space And Time
Publisher: Wani Magazine

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