Safety Lodging House Utopian (Harem Freckles Girl)

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Safety Lodging House Utopian (English) [Uncensored]
Mangaka: Itoyoko
Genre: Volume, Harem, Freckles, Dark Skin, Landlord, Story Arc
Size: 74MB 181pages

As Tenga’s grandfather lies on his death bed, he leaves Tenga in charge of Tougen Manor and tells him to protect “Utopia.” Just what is Utopia…?

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Chapters List:
1. Manager With Curry
2. Room 2 and Borscht
3. Money and Hamburger
4. 5Scars and Saruma
5. Campus and Minced Tuna
6. French Hors D’oeuvre
7. French Main Dish
8. Mix Grill
9. Management and Tea

Synonyms: Momoiro Geshuku Utopian, 桃色下宿ゆーとぴあん (japanese)

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