[Bobobo] PLDK (Huge Tits)

women with big tits hentai manga

PLDK (English)
Mangaka: Bobobo
Genre: Volume, Comedy, Huge Breasts, Friends, Shota, X-Ray, Short Stories
Size: 134MB 224pages

1. What Friends Do (Threesome)
2. The Day She Became My Sister (Step Sister)
3. From Today Onwards, I…! (Childhood Friends)
4. After a Month (Sister in Law)
5. Ako’s and Nozomi’s Discussion of Masturbation Addictions (Friends Brother)
6. Food Sharing/Leftovers (Straight Shota)
7. Remedial Lesson to Heaven (Female Teacher)
8. Thermometer, Boy Measuring Beast
9. Forward (Huge Cock)

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