Pink Cherry Pie (Sameda Koban)

Pink Cherry Pie Hentai Manga by Sameda Koban

Pink Cherry Pie (English)
Mangaka: Sameda Koban (2009)
Genre: volume, schoolgirls, comedy, group, tanlines, milf, short color stories
Size: 105MB 212pages

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Oneshot Titles:
01. My Mama is Too Selfish (color special)
02. Fight! Ping-Pong Game (color special)
03. Monami Revolution (schoolgirls gangbang)
04. Dangerous Celebrity (school idol)
05. Summer Days (tanlines)
06. More Wagamama (threesome with girlfriend and her mother)
07. Bet Everything on One Ball (cheerleaders)
08. Giant Isopod-tan 01-11
09. (Sexual) Summer Memories (color special)
10. Please Onee-chan (color special)
11. Yo! Bunny Club (color special)
12. Happening Ero-Eros
13. Mighty Girl (tomboy)
14. Eyes Of Beast
15. The Secretive Wife (cheating)
16. Sweat Trap
17. Giant Isopod-tan 12-15

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