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H-Manga, Hentai Comic Books, Volumes, Magazine..
Whatever you call it, basically you will find here collection of complete, english translated hentai volumes for download.
Minimum 150 pages in every volume. Enjoy

Hot Tails – Yui Toshiki (Pervert Santa Claus)

Pervert Santa peeping under skirt black panties hentai
Santa Claus likes black panties. Such important information.
Collection of short stories in volume.

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In the Knee-socks Girl (Sister)

Sister in the kneesocks blowjob brother showing wet panties hentai
Short stories with schoolgirls in kneesocks in volume.
Half of them about incest with brother and sister.

In the Knee-socks Girl (English and UNCENSORED)
Mangaka: Arsenal (2008)
Genre: Volume, Schoolgirl, Kneesocks, Sister, Twins, Senpai
Size: 113MB 210pages

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Okan (Raped Mother)

Raped Mother hentai volume

Raped Mother (English Complete) – Okan
Author: Izawa Shinichi (2009)
Genre: Hentai, Incest Mother and Son, Sister, Bukkake, Color, Short Stories
Size: 193MB 187pages

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Just Learned it (Millefeuille)

millefeuille, virgin cream pie approval hentai

Just Learned It (English)
Mangaka: Millefeuille (2009)
Genre: Volume, Teacher, Schoolgirl, Virgin, Milf, Big Boobs, Huge Ass, Chubby Girls, Short Stories
Size: 77MB 219pages

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Imouto no Ana (Little Sister Hole)

Imouto no Ana, sex with little sister hentai

Imouto no Ana Little Sister’s Hole (English)
Mangaka: Yuki Yanagi (2009)
Genre: Volume, Incest, Brother and Sister, Threesome, Gangbang, Storyline
Size: 106MB 200pages

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Guy Transform into A Girl (Gender Change)

Gender change hentai manga, guy turned into a girl xxx
Strange disease is turning guys into big breasted girls and making them horny.
The story is about a boy affected and the way he returns to normal.
At least uncensored part of volume is.

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Pretty Cool (Glasses Girl Sexy Bikini)

Glasses girl in sexy bikini spreading pussy and ass rear view
Today, there’s no problem if you cum inside my pussy!

Pretty Cool (English and Uncensored)
Mangaka: Sengoku-kun (2009)
Genre: Volume, Big Breasts, Schoolgirl, Seethru, Nude in Public, Storyline
Size: 152MB 280pages

Kagami has a crush on his classmate, a sweet glasses girl named Minai. He’s always watched her from a distance until.. One day Kagami can’t believe his eyes, Minai shows up to school in the nude! Everyone seems to treat this as normal or is it they can’t see her nude? The naked Minai is a feast for Kagami’s eyes, and he knows he must solve this mystery no matter what the risk..

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It Ejaculates in the Teacher (Jamming)

Teacher posing in underwear hentai manga

It Ejaculates in the Teacher (English) – Habit by Teacher
Mangaka: Jamming (2009)
Genre: volume, school teacher ganbang, rape pervert, public places, big breasts, long story
Size: 109MB 216pages

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Distance – Ochiru Tenshi (Body Swap)

Body Swap Ochiru Tenshi hentai manga, condom sex all the way to the womb

Ochiru Tenshi vol 1-2 (English) [Uncensored]
Author: Distance (2005)
Genre: Schoolgirl, Gender Bender, Body Swap, Teacher, Long Story
Size: 124MB + 113MB

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Pink Cherry Pie (Sameda Koban)

Pink Cherry Pie Hentai Manga by Sameda Koban

Pink Cherry Pie (English)
Mangaka: Sameda Koban (2009)
Genre: volume, schoolgirls, comedy, group, tanlines, milf, short color stories
Size: 105MB 212pages

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