Oppai Mamire (Maihama Kaede)

Complete Volume with Short Stories

Oppai Mamire (English)
Mangaka: Maihama Kaede (2007)
Genre: Milf, Huge Breasts, Lactation, Group Sex, Hairy Pussy, Shota, Peeping
Size: 158MB 209pages

Preview Pages

01. Sandwich (Mother-Daughter-Husband)
02. Violent Struggle (Wife And Husband Cooworkers)
03. Wet, Dripping and Flowing (Mother and Son)
04. Inexperienced Lady (Cheating Wife, Pregnant)
05. More than Desire and even more than Sentiment (Shrine)
06. Catcher with a 10% batting average (Shota)
07. Enveloping Hardness more than softness (Mother)

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