[E-Musu Aki] Mononoke Acme (Kappa Girl)

Mononoke Acme by E-Musu Aki hentai manga, naked bouncing boobs
This hentai story is focused in the world where supernatural spirits like kappa, fox, nekomata and other kind of demons/gods exists. And there is this one particular thing that gives them strenght. That is human sperm.
Great art, great bodies and story with humor.

Mononoke Acme (English)
Mangaka: E-Musu Aki (2010)
Genre: volume, shota, big breasts, big ass, catgirl, milf, foxgirl, miko, kappa, demon, group sex, LONG Storyline
Size: 158MB 208pages

Picture Preview:

I labeled it as loli but it’s just a bonus i suppose. For once the busty girl on preview cover, is actually a transformed form of goddess. And she transformed because.. she got loads of cum in her young form. : )

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