Milk Cure (Gender Bender)

Milk Cure (English)
Mangaka: Matsuzawa Kei
Genre: Hentai Volume, Gender Bender, Tentacles, Group, Futanari, Lactation, Corruption, Transgender, Monster, Net game
Size: 106MB 164pages

Plot: Natsuki’s older sister is really into an online game called “Real Breaker” but she can’t play it for a while because she has to go on a business trip. The problem is, a super rare item called the “Mirage Stone” that can grant any wish is going to be released while she’s gone, so she makes Natsuki play it for her (with a female character). After she leaves, Natsuki tries playing the game but is suddenly sucked into the the monitor and becomes the female in the game. He’s immediately caught by a tentacle monster and “raped” repeatedly (he enjoys discovering the pleasures of a female body) until he’s saved by a beautiful female warrior.

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Synonyms: Densou Genshi Mirukyua, 電想幻士ミルキューア (japanese)

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