Glamorous (Losing Virginity with Sister Teacher Mother)

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Glamorous (English) + half uncensored
Mangaka: Daigo (2008)
Genre: Volume, Shota, Mother, Aunt, Sister, Teacher-Student, Short Stories
Size: 116MB 190pages

Chapters Titles:
1. Mama’s 3P Volley (mom and aunt)
2. Off-Season Devotion (female teacher)
3. Switch 1-2 (twins)
4. Elevator Dream (work)
5. My naive sister is a diligent student (incest)
6. Mosquito 1-2 (brother and sister)
7. Bully Beam (female teacher)

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Hentai Tags: daigo hentai manga, collection of short stories about their first time sex and losing virginity mostly for guys with their sisters mothers teachers

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  1. Shunmoto says:

    Glad to see you’re back. keep up your fine work. Prefer the incest, but I know you upload what you like.

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