Guy Turned into A Girl (Gender Change)

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Strange disease is turning guys into big breasted girls and making them horny.
The story is about a boy affected and the way he returns to normal.
At least uncensored part of volume is.

A Girl? (English) – Onnanoko?
Mangaka: Okawari
Genre: volume, lesbian, gender bender, schoolgirl, transformation, plot
Size: 59MB 181pages

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guy turned into a girl hentai

Contain Three Stories:
Chapter 1-4: A Girl? – brief yuri and futanari. (gender bender)
Chapter 5-9: Something Like That Too – High school life: friendship, romance, and gangbangs.
Chapter 10: Pleasure Train – A girl riding a train sees another girl being raped nearby, but none of the other passengers seem to notice. What will happen to her?

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