[Kawaraya A-ta] Copipe! (Copy Paste)

Copipe hentai manga

Kopipe – Copipe! (English)
Mangaka: Kawaraya A-ta (2006)
Genre: Volume, Gender Bender, Futanari, Incest, Mad Scientist, Neighbors, Transformation, Mother-daughter, Sisters, Story Arc
Size: 72MB 192pages

Description: Lovely Miku and her neighbor Yukito are victims of his sisters new invention: copipe gel! From the Japanese copipe meaning “copy”(copi) and “paste”(pesuto) this gel turns the family’s world inside out. Yukito gets a “copy” of Miku’s ample breasts and Miku gets.. well, you get the picture. Erotic chaos ensues as everybody, including Marie sister takes advantage of this bizzare situation.

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Synonyms: Copy Paste!, コピペ!

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