Alignment You You (Ghosts Invisible Guy)

Invisible ghost girl masturbating in classroom, soaked panties hentai manga

Alignment You You (English)
Mangaka: Matsumoto Drill
Genre: Hentai Volume, Comedy, Ghosts, Invisible, Gender Bender, Story Arc
Size: 106MB 203pages

Plot: Oohara is lovely, full-figured schoolgirl in love.. and a ghost. Death has thrown a huge crimp into her plans to confess to the boy she loves. But this is hentai.. Oohara can do what she wants, including getting off in the middle of her classroom. But no one can see her exhibitionist frenzy, not even the boy she loves. Then she meets Sakurako, the ghost girl who haunts the boys’ bathroom. She seems to take pity on Oohara and says she’ll help fulfill Oohara’s wish…

Some Picture Pages:
6354526_alignment_(mhentai.c.jpg 6354527_alignment_(mhentai.c.jpg 6354528_alignment_(mhentai.c.jpg 6354530_alignment_(mhentai.c.jpg

Surprise Cumshot in the face hentai
And that’s called happy ending..

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