33 Year Old Lusty Housewife (Swapping Wives)

Married woman on lap fucking and kissing, mastery sex swapping wives hentai
Collection of happy sex cheating stories. Lots of hot cougars, milfs, wives.
Married woman having mastery sex (lap fuck) with man other than her husband.

33 Year Old Lusty Housewife (English) [Uncensored]
Mangaka: Kuroki Hidehiko (2011)
Genre: volume, swinging, ring, cheating, aunt, sister, milf, kissing, happy sex
Size: 104MB 205pages

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Contain Chapters:
1. Kiss Training (friends wife)
2-4. Spouse Swapping (swinging)
5. Under the Kotatsu
6. Christmas Eve with a Married Woman
7. The Married Woman Who Became a Sex Friend
8. The Temptations of an Aunt (incest milf)
9. Little Sister’s Milk (married sister)
10. Let’s Just do It!!

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