Real Kanojo


Real Kanojo (Real Girlfriend)
Released: 2010 / Illusion
Genre: 3D Hentai Game, Simulator, Straight
Platform: Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Sewen
Language: Japanese
Inside Patch
-English interface
-English launcher
-All Girl and Guy Uncensor

Description: “It is possible to involve the web camera in a gameplay, and the passion will react to your gestures, for example, nods a head. The most interesting is physics of game: the body of the girl still never was so interactive, you can touch it, burn, drag out, cheeks to press it – and all it is live enough looks. Well and, certainly, the physics of a breast – it is faultless!”



Download Links: 2.47GB

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7 Responses to “Real Kanojo”

  1. Help Please!! says:

    stupid me but can some1 help me on how 2 install this game,a step by step guide for this installer package would be nice..there’s no readme or somethg so im kinda lost,hehe..

  2. h-fan says:

    don’t worry it’s not really complicated
    1. You have to mount RealKanojo.iso – how to do that i assume you know, if not, then on the right you have page, “how to play japanese games”
    2. After mounting it open drive and folder /setup -> run ILLUSION ?????
    3. Select where you want the game to be installed and wait until installation complete
    4. Now you can try opening the game, but without applocate, you will only see some error, go to the downloaded folder and open/install “Real Girlfriend HF Patch.exe”
    5. Now you can play RealKanojo English without applocate.
    6. There are probably some more files, like uncensored and others, but i you should somehow do it on your own

    : >

  3. horatio says:

    man freaking stuck, how do you get the girl on girl scene in the picture?

  4. gg says:

    i can’t get the guy uncensored… the patch doesn’t work any help pls

  5. Justia says:

    i am noobie
    here can someone give me step by step details
    how to get this game to work ….. plz

  6. Kame says:

    Whenever I try to install the Real Girlfiend HF Patch, it keep on showing:
    Fatal error: C:\illusion\?????\data\rk00.pp does not exist. Game may not be installed correctly.

    Setup is unable to continue and you will have to manually apply the mods.

    Click OK to exit.
    (press ctrl+C to copy this message)

    I tried to use the PPExtractor but its no use. Can anyone please help me??

  7. Anonymous says:

    It dead

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