Pretty Warrior May Cry – Enhanced Edition

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Pretty Warrior May Cry Enhanced Edition v2.2 + 100% save cheat
Author: 7thDream
Genre: Hentai Game, Role Playing, Animation, Fantasy, Succubus, Monsters
Language: English or Japanese (You can choose)
File Size: 1.05GB + 1.8GB Gifs

This is a super upgraded vesion of “Pretty Warrior May Cry” in 2D style!

Pretty Warrior May Cry Storyline

Download Complete save hack(unblocked full gallery): Mega

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Original Title: 真.美少女のくせになまいきだ

6 Responses to "Pretty Warrior May Cry – Enhanced Edition"

  1. Aditya rana says:

    erm sorry, that game part 2 , can u put on uploadable too, i can’t download with terafile, it always coming out of time.

    and filepost require premium acount T_T (sory my english bad)

  2. mhentai says:

    I put additional mirrors.

    I wasn’t aware that there are that kind of problems with terafile, but usually when person can’t download, it means the fault is on their side. (yes it means it might be bugged..) After all hosting is popular and lots of people download without problems. You might try changing browser or simply using download accelerator like jdownloader.

  3. Asriel says:

    Thanks for the good work anyway. I couldn’t find this amazing game anywhere you saved me :D.

  4. beta2320 says:

    hello! thank you for this upload, but could you please repost the second mirror for the enhanced edition as uploadable is now bigfile and the latter requires a premium account for any file above 450 mb.

  5. mhentai says:

    new links added

  6. livingston says:

    how do you get the rimjob scene

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