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Japanese adult Erotic Games (Eroge), commonly known as Hentai Games in short H-Games. But you will find here english made games as well. Just a category for adult games.

Tags: Flash Games, Sex Simulator, RPG, 3D Games, Interactive Roleplaying, XXX Animated, Dating Simulation, Adventure, sex strategy games and so on..
Mostly with English Subtitles and Japanese Voice for download.

If you have problem starting a japanese game. Check out
How to run Japanese Games on Windows Tutorial

Molester Train Man 2 (3D Game)

Molester Train Man 2 [3D Hentai Game]
Developer: Guilty+ (2008)
Genre: 3D, Animated, Train Sex, Double Penetration, Bukkake, Orgy, Panties
Language:Japanese (English Menu)
Size: 914MB

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Molester Disaster (H-Game)

Molester Disaster (English Subtitles + 100% Save)
Genre: Hentai Game, Interactive, Chikan, Train Molester, Masturbation
Size: 224MB

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