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Japanese adult Erotic Games (Eroge), commonly known as Hentai Games in short H-Games. But you will find here english made games as well. Just a category for adult games.

Tags: Flash Games, Sex Simulator, RPG, 3D Games, Interactive Roleplaying, XXX Animated, Dating Simulation, Adventure, sex strategy games and so on..
Mostly with English Subtitles and Japanese Voice for download.

If you have problem starting a japanese game. Check out
How to run Japanese Games on Windows Tutorial

Mousousei Kasou Jinkaku Shougai (Teatime 3D)


Hentai Game
TEATIME 3D – Mousousei Kasou Jinkaku Shougai
Language: Japanese / Censored
Filesize: 737 MB / ISO
Require Installing

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Final Fantasy – Tifa and Yuffie (Hentai Flash Game)


7th Heaven – Tifa and Yuffie (Final Fantasy Hentai Game)
Filesize: 154.56 Mb

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OL Violate Train (Flash Hentai Game)

OL Violate Train [Hentai Game]
Produced: 2010
Genre: Chikan / Molested Girl, Blowjob, Anal, 3DCG, Animation, Flash, Train Groping Game, Censored, Japanese
Filesize: 331MB

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Hard Love Life (Hentai Game)


Hard Love Life
Another Great hentai game produced by the same people who brought us Kasumi Mania 3. This one is a little more interactive with better, larger, and much sexier moving flash images. The idea behind it is you are an owner of beautiful your slave that you get to ravish in three or four sexy positions. Then you get to have your friends join in on the fun. This is an overall great Flash Game with little plot and all quality. Recommanded. Especially if you liked Kasumi Mania 3.

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Hentai Flash Games 2 (over 600)


Download over 600 old flash hentai games. English and Japanese.
To play them, use browser or flash player.

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Games In Train (3D Hentai Game)


Just another (chikan) train molesting game. What else can be said?

Games In Train
Year of manufacture: 2010
Genre: Hentai Game, Animation, 3DCG, Flash, Molester
Language: Japanese / Maybe English Menu
Filesize: 1.06 Gb

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Lewd Consultation Room (Umemaro 3D, Game)

Lewd Consultation Room (Hentai Game)
Author: Umemaro 3D
Genre: Adult, Porn, Erotic, 3D Simulator, Patient, Censored
Filesize:475 Mb

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Hentai Flash Games Pack 1

Pack of 120 old flash hentai games

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Amorous Professor Cherry (Hentai Dating-sim Game)

Amorous Professor Cherry [English, Uncensored]
Type:PC Ero Game, Dating-sim, Teacher
Language: English Subtitles / Japanese Voice
Size:804 Mb

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J-Girl Train Trilogy 1-3 (Flash Game)

Collection of all 3 games from the series J-Girl Train.

J-Girl Train Trilogy 1-3 (PC/JP/ENG/2010)
Genre: Hentai Game, Flash, 3DCG, Chikan, Rape, Crimson
Size: 389MB exe/swf

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