My Wife was Stolen By That Guy (NTR Game)

Pregnant cheating wife netorare hentai game
My Wife was Stolen by That Guy
(Hentai Game + HCG + Video + 100% Save)

Type: AVG (JPN) + Animation
Genre: Adultery, Married Woman, Cheating Wife, Netorare, Pregnancy Fetish
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Size: 1.1GB + 268MB

The game is actually divided up to 4 chapters/volumes that have different perspective/story telling and the title is just a merge of the 4 chapters.
Chapter 1: ボクの彼女はガテン系 (For Me My Girlfriend Consented)
Chapter 2: 彼女がした事、僕がされた事 (The Things She Did, the Things I Did)
Chapter 3: 巨乳妻完全捕獲計画 (Busty Wife’s Complete Capture Plan)
Chapter 4: ボクの妻がアイツに寝取られました (My Wife was Stolen By That Guy)

Heroines: There’s only two women with CG/HCG in the game;
Misaki – The busty one is the main heroine.
Nao – The smaller/average chest who is actually a side character.

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JPN TItle: ボクの彼女はガテン系/彼女がした事、僕がされた事/巨乳妻完全捕獲計画/ボクの妻がアイツに寝取られました。
Romanized: Boku no Kanojo wa Gatenkei/Kanojo ga Shita Koto, Ore ga Sareta Koto/Kyonyuu Tsuma Kanzen Hokaku keikaku/Boku no Tsuma ga Aitsu ni Netoraremashita

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  1. mhentai says:

    – SPOILER –
    Game Description:

    Chapter 1 – Tells the story from Masashi’s (the broke, weak main protagonist without eyes) perspective of how he met Misaki (a construction chief of a small company) and eventually became lovers. It begins with the two of them as a married couple staying at a hot spring (which they later promised each other to visit annually) provided/paid for by their former company supervisor Aida (The fat guy). The story ended with both of them drunk, losing consciousness at the banquet and had to rely on their acquaintances to support themselves back to their room. Masashi, still drunk, wakes up in the middle of the night and had rough, somewhat forced sex with his wife (also still drunk) while she is still half asleep (this is actually revealed later to be just Masashi’s dream caused by hearing Misaki’s reactions while she is being raped by Aida).

    Chapter 2 – Introduces Nao (her name is still unknown to the player) as a cheating wife/girlfriend of an unknown person. The story then switch back to Masashi now having his own company and had a son with Misaki. The chapter focus on Masashi’s suspicions of his wife cheating and various reasons/excuses that he or someone else used to clear the suspicions. This is also the first time Masashi met Nao (who he thought was strange/careless as he can easily see her panties throughout their meeting), the wife of Siobara Akira (the suited man), his co-worker. The chapter ends with Masashi waking up to see Misaki having sex with three familiar men (whom he thought was raping her at first, but eventually concluded/realized that she consented from her expressions and lack of resistance).

    Chapter 3 – Retell the story from Aida’s perspective. It turns out that Aida loves/lusts Misaki for a while now and had been plotting to win/take her, going as far as attempting to rape her on one occasion (Misaki never realized this since he failed). However his plan backfired when Misaki fell in love with Masashi and the two eventually wed (which ironically was caused by Aida’s own plans). Still not giving up, he enlisted the help of Kurokawa (the “Yankee”) and Tinnen (the thinner fat guy), who both also have feelings of love/lust for Misaki. They invited the married couple to a hot spring paid by Aida’s company and drugged them at the banquet as told in Chapter 1. Eventually he raped Misaki while she was still sleeping (right next to Masashi too), but he stopped his accomplices from doing the same by promising they will have their turn in the future. From then on, Aida would use a photo before her rape to blackmail Misaki for sex in the future along with Kurokawa and Tinnen (who also blackmail Misaki for sex). At first Misaki was reluctant but eventually she came to enjoy the adultery.

    Chapter 4 – Returning to Masashi’s perspective who is heartbroken and is now having an affair with Nao. This chapter conclude the story and reveals the outcome of the married couple’s cheating. Depending on the choices the player made various endings will occur (all NTR). One of the true ending have Masashi investigate and find out about all the things she did during their marriage and eventually loses/gives her up to a certain person (the old, ugly guy).


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