Demon Master Chris (H-Game + CG)

Demon Master Chris Hentai game, covered in slime pink panties cameltoe

Demon Master Chris 1.10v (English) [Uncensored] + walkthrough + 100% save
Developer: Nyaatrap
Genre: RPG Game, Battle, Moe, Cosplay, Magic, Yuri/Girls Love, Lesbian
Size: 1.2GB + 143MB HCG

Description: Demon Master Chris puts you in the role of a sorceress who is lost in the catacombs of Other Realm. Slay spirits, make friends and endure tantalizing lesbian encounters as you attempt to escape the darkness. You don’t have to rely on your strength alone: magical garments will endow you with different powers, and demons can be contracted to fight alongside you.

A simple, speedy 3D Dungeon RPG. Use the AP (Agile point) system instead of traditional MP. Ecchi scenes play regardless of the results of battle. The are fundamentally coercion scenes. Fingers, vibrators and tentacles, etc. are all instruments of arousal. Its not Visual Novel, there’s like 99% dungeon crawling and 1% h-scenes and mini-scenes in bar.

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