Sex Chudoku – That Girl To Slavehood (Pregnant)

Pink haired slave girl in sailor uniform impregnation hentai

Chudoku – That Girl To Slavehood Hentai Game
Genre: ADV, Villainous Protagonist, Internal Cumshot, Pregnant Women, Virgin
Language: Japanese
Size: 1.3GB + Hentai CG

Description: Otaku (protagonist) was a fat 3rd year college nerd. One day on his way to school he injured himself, and was helped by a Ayano (heroine). She was beautiful and pure, and like many, Otaku fell in love with her at first sight.

One day he saw her walking to school with another boy. This was Teruo, a smart sensitive handsome nice guy. Otaku tailed them to Ayano’s house.
(Why is she taking him home? She was supposed to love ME…. ME…)
His heart shattered, Otaku began his secret revenge plan.

ADV Game
170 cuts! Full animation 30fps 2D After Effects gapeface aphrodisiac sex!
Drugs in her drink, drugs up her ass, drug-coated dildo inside her vagina!!
And the more screwed up she gets, the hotter the scene…
800×600 high quality AE movie! WMV format MPEG-1 for minimum CPU usage!
Nearly half the scenes include cross-section view! (ON/OFF option!!)

preview picture

Synonyms: セックス注毒 ~あの娘が性奴になるまで~(Japanese), sekkusu chuu doku ~ ano musume ga sei yatsu ninarumade ~ (Romaji)

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