Japanese adult Erotic Games (Eroge), commonly known as Hentai Games in short H-Games. But you will find here english made games as well. Just a category for adult sex games.

Genres: Eroge, Flash Games, Sex Simulator, RPG, 3D Games, Interactive Roleplaying, XXX Animated, Dating Simulation, Adventure, Sex Strategy Games etc..
Mostly with English Subtitles and Japanese Voice for download.

If you have problem starting a japanese game. Check out
How to run Japanese Games on Windows Tutorial


Karmasutra Gameplay

Karmasutra patch 1.4 (English) [Uncensored]
Developer: Top Hat Studios (2017)
Genre: Adult Game, RPG, Fantasy, Magic, Monster Girl, Demons, Cosplay
Size: 1.3GB

Ane Boku (Incest Cousins)

Ane Boku hentai game, thigh fuck sleeping cousin
This is incest adult hentai game with interactive animated scenes.
An innocent boy Keita happens to live together with a female cousin Hiroko..
And.. Surprise not innocent anymore.

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom (3D Games)

Collection of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom Games (English) [Uncensored]
Developer: GalaxyPink
Genre: PC, 3D Animation, Fantasy, Elf, Futanari, Dick Girl
Size: 1.33GB

Pretty Warrior May Cry – Enhanced Edition

Pretty Warrior May Cry hentai game menu

Pretty Warrior May Cry Enhanced Edition v2.2 + 100% save cheat
Author: 7thDream
Genre: Hentai Game, Role Playing, Animation, Fantasy, Succubus, Monsters
Language: English or Japanese (You can choose)
File Size: 1.05GB + 1.8GB Gifs

Sengoku Rance (Cheat Save)

Sengoku Rance english hentai game

Sengoku Rance (English) (aka Rance 7) + 100% SAVE Cheat
Type: Strategy RPG, Hentai Game, Recommended
Size: 1.52GB

Sex Lesson for Brother 3D Hentai (Game + Video)

Sex lesson how to unhook a bra hentai video

Sex Lesson for Brother H-Game + 3D Video (English Subs)
Author: Gomasen
Genre: 3D Hentai, Animation/Flash, Younger Sister, Sex Training
Size: 941MB + 344MB

Neko-nin exHeart (18+ Patch)

Neko-nin exHeart 18+ Patch Download

Neko-nin exHeart 18+ Patch (English) [Uncensored]
Genre: H-Game, Eroge, Comedy, Catgirls, Romance, Kunoichi, Sprites, Virgins
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Size: 1.1GB

Gibo (Stepmother’s Sin)

Gibo Stepmother Sin Hentai Game

Gibo – Stepmother’s Sin (English) [Uncensored] + 100% save
Developer: Guilty
Genre: H-Game, Eroge, Nukige, Step Mother, Perverted Protagonist
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Size: 505MB

Demon Master Chris (H-Game + CG)

Demon Master Chris girl covered in slime

Demon Master Chris 1.10v (English) [Uncensored] + 100% save
Developer: Nyaatrap
Genre: RPG Game, Battle, Moe, Cosplay, Magic, Yuri/Girls Love, Lesbian
Size: 1.2GB + 143MB HCG

Harem Party (HCG + Save)

Harem Party upskirt no panties

Harem Party (English) [Uncensored] + 100% Save
Genre: H-Game, Eroge, Harem, Sister, Magic, Virgin Heroines, Sorcerer
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Size: 1.84GB + 315MB HCG