Doujinshi Page 7

Doujin is a term used for self-published works in this case manga.
Most of them will feature characters from popular series of anime, manga and games.
But there are also great original works.

Most Popular Series: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball

Little Red Riding Hood’s Adult Picture Book

Little Red Riding Hood’s Adult Picture Book (English) [Full Color]
Serie: LRRH and Street Fighter Doujinshi
Mangaka: Redlight (2010)
Genre: Oneshot, Gangbang, Creampie, Loli, Rape
Size: 11MB 30pages

Voyage Complete (Nami-Arlong Arc, Crimson Comics)

Nami in straw hat fucked from behind by luffy hentai manga

Voyage Complete (Nami-Arlong Arc, English)
Author: Crimson Comics
Series: One Piece Doujin
Genre: Lesbian, Rape, Happy Ending
Size: 55MB 108pages

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[Redrop] Book of Outrageous Sluts (Leesa Fucks)

Sumeragi Lee Noriega gangbang hentai manga
Rangiku Matsumoto, Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Kathy Mannequin

Bleach, Code Geass, Gundam Doujin – Book of Outrageous Sluts (English)
Mangaka: ReDrop
Genre: Big Breasts, Glasses Girl, Group Sex
Size: 20MB 18pages

[Resident Evil] Stainless Sage (Jill Valentine)

Jill Valentine hentai doujin
Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are investigating the mansion..

Resident Evil Doujin – Stainless Sage (English)
Mangaka: Kesshoku Mikan
Genre: Big Breasts, Paizuri, Anal, Happy Sex
Size: 20MB 27pages

Through the Wall (Hancock x Luffy x Margaret)

Boa Hancock and Margaret dripping creampies after sex hentai manga
Boa Hancock, Margaret and Luffy, Zoro and Perona

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[Zero In] Mixed Real 1-5 (NTR Doujin)

Zero In Doujin – Mixed Real 1-5 (English)
Mangaka: Xration (mil)
Genre: Netorare, Schoolgirl, Swimsuit, Old Man, Ayuna, Mikuru
Size: 112MB

[To Love-Ru] Yuita-Ma (Yui Kotegawa NTR)

To Love-Ru Doujin – Yuita-Ma (English)
Mangaka: Takeda Hiromitsu
Genre: School Girl, Hypnosis Machine, Teacher, Mind Control, Mind Break, Urination, Netorare, Rape, Gangbang, Kotegawa Yui, Mokoda Sensei
Size: 24MB 42pictures

[Oreimo] My Father and Little Sister 1-5 (Netorare)

My Father and Little Sister Hentai Doujin

Oreimo Doujin – My Father and Little Sister 1-5 (English)
Mangaka: Studio ParM
Genre: Incest, Father and Daughter, Defloration, Schoolgirl, Rape
Size: 109MB

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[K-On!] Mio x Mugi Yuri Secret (Hentai Doujin)

K-ON! Doujinshi – Secret Tea Time (English)
Mangaka: Shimoyakedou (Ouma Tokiichi)
Genre: Yuri (Lesbian), Kotobuki Tsumugi, School Girl, Peeping

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[K-On!] No Chou Eroi Hon Ga Dekimashita (Hentai Doujin)

K-On! Doujinshi – No Chou Eroi Hon Ga Dekimashita (English)
Mangaka: Shiwasu no Okina
Genre: Group Sex, Prostitution, Mio, Ritsu, Mugi-chan
Size: 20MB 42pages