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Dojinshi (doujinshi) is the Japanese term for self-published works, usually magazines, manga or novels. This term is derived from d?jin which refer to a person or persons with whom one shares common goal or interest.

In this category you will find english translated hentai comics based on popular anime series or games. (XXX Anime Parodies)

Most Popular Series: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball and much more..

[Sailor Moon] Gold Experience (Usagi Tsukino)

Sailor Moon gets raped hentai doujin

Sailor Moon – Gold Experience (English)
Mangaka: Black Dog (2000)
Genre: Volume, Anal, Group Sex, Tentacles, Rape, Train Molester
Size: 224MB 194pages

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Karorful Mix EX3 (Oreimo)

Title: Karorful Mix EX3 (English)
Series: Oreimo
Artist: Karomix (Karory)
Genre: Full Color, Incest, Threesome, Loli, Schoolgirl, Tsundere, Stockings
Size: 110MB (HQ) or 20MB 38pages

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MxM (Puella Magi Madoka Magic)

Few short stories with different girls.

Title: MxM (English)
Series: Puella Magi Madoka Magic (Doujinshi)
Artist: Ohkura Bekkan (Ohkura Kazuya)
Genre: Gangbang, Incest, Creampie

Fucking – Working!! (Itoyoko & Toraya)

Fucking (English)
Artist: Itoyoko & TOraya
Serie: Working!! (Doujinshi)
Genre: Femdom Older Sister, Cute Senpai, Happy Sex, Defloration, Creampie
Size: 18MB 40pages

Someoneeros (Working!!)

Title: Someoneeros (English)
Author: Aodouhu
Serie: Working!! (Doujinshi)
Genre: Father-Daughter, Incest, Netorare, Inami Mahiru, Rape, Lolicon, Mind Break, Schoolgirl
Size: 20MB 46pages

My Little Sister Can’t Be Mind-Controlled Like This

Title: My Little Sister Can’t Be Mind-Controlled Like This (English)
Mangaka: Magudara Kaihou Doumei
Serie: Oreimo (Doujinshi)
Genre: Incest, Loli, Mind Control, Sister
Size: 20MB 27pages

Bleach Hentai Comics Pack

Bent over Yoruichi showing her ass to Urahara, Bleach Hentai Comics

Bleach Hentai Comics Pack (English)
Genre: Straight Sex, Futanari, Group Sex, School Girl, Tentacles, Pack
Characters: Orihime Inoue, Matsumoto Rangiku, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo, Kon, Yoruichi, Soifon, Hitsugaya, Isane, Kiyone, Lisa, Nanao, Nemu, Shiba Kuukaku, Tatsuki, Unohana
Size: 1.27GB / 98 Doujins + HCG Pictures

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Little Red Riding Hood’s Adult Picture Book


Little Red Riding Hood’s Adult Picture Book (English Translated)
Serie: LRRH and Street Fighter Doujinshi
Author: Redlight (2010)
Genre: Full Color, Gangbang, Creampie, Loli, Rape
Size: 11MB 30pages

One Piece Hentai Doujins Pack

one piece hentai doujins pack for download
OVER 90 One Piece Hentai Doujins (English)
Pretty much all of them at this moment.

Serie: One Piece (Anime/Manga)
Characters: Boa Hancock, Nami, Usopp, Luffy, Nico Robin, Kalifa, Lucci, Zoro, Frankie, Sadi-chan, Captain Hina, Sanji, Domino, Arlong, Blackbeard

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Voyage Complete (Nami-Arlong Arc, Crimson Comics)

Nami in straw hat fucked from behind by luffy hentai manga

Voyage Complete (Nami-Arlong Arc, English)
Author: Crimson Comics
Series: One Piece Doujin
Genre: Lesbian, Rape, Happy Ending
Size: 55MB 108pages

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