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Dojinshi (doujinshi) is the Japanese term for self-published works, usually magazines, manga or novels. This term is derived from d?jin which refer to a person or persons with whom one shares common goal or interest.

In this category you will find english translated hentai comics based on popular anime series or games. (XXX Anime Parodies)

Most Popular Series: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball and much more..

One Piece – Pirate in Paradise 1-4 (Nami x Usopp x Nico)

Nami cowgirl fuck Usopp holding big tits hentai
Nami and Robin holidays on beach. Skimpy bikini for gangbang required. And other chapters like nami and usopp.

Woman Pirate in Paradise 1-4 (English) – One Piece Doujins
Author: Diogenes Club
Genre: big breasts, swimsuit, xray, bikini, sunglasses, group sex, nami x usopp

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Fathers and Daughters Impregnation Creampie (Incest)

fathers filling daughters fertile womb with internal cumshot, incest impregnation hentai
Daughters were naughty and they need to be punished. And ofc sex is the best answer. They are fucking their own daughters and cumming inside their unprotected wombs. Triple internal creampie? Thats hot.. And there is still fourth daughter to be knocked up..

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Kazehana is My Sekirei Wife (Hentai Doujin)

Sekirei hentai doujin, touching wife kazehana firm and luscious big tits in sexy cleavage outfit
Minato married Kazehana, and on their first night he took her virginity.
15MB 23pages

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Kazehana x Minato Doujin (Cunnilingus)

Minato spreading and licking Kazehana wet pussy, Sekirei hentai

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Bakemonogatari Hentai Doujin Collection

Hitagi Senjougahara flashing tits, bakemonogatari hentai manga

Bakemonogatari Hentai Doujin Collection [English]
Authors: Homunculus, Ties, Nekoi Mie etc
Genre: Pack, Group Sex, Kemonomimi (Animal characteristics like Cat Ears), Schoolgirls, Straight, Vanilla, Incest, Supernatural
Size: 325MB 19doujins

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Dragon Ball – Dragon Fuck! (Saiyan Gohan x Videl)

Super Saiyan Gohan fucking Videl hentai
Two stories. Super Saian Gohan sex with Videl.
Bulma fucked by aliens on Namek.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion – Misato x Shinji Doujin

Shinji fucking sexy milf Misato Katsuragi hentai doujin, bareback without condom
Misato Katsuragi x Shinji Ikari Hentai Doujin
Based on Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime/manga.

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Naruto x Tsunade x Hinata

Naruto x Tsunade x Hinata (English + Spanish, Color)
Serie: Naruto (Hentai Doujinshi)
Author: Naruhodo
Genre: Tsunade, Naruto, Hinata Hyuga
Size: 27MB + 18MB

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You Can (Not) Refuse (Evangelion)

You Can (Not) Refuse (English Language)
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime/Manga)
Artist: Maniac Street
Genre: Doujinshi, Harem, Tsundere, Schoolgirl, Megane, Sleeping Guy
Size: 21MB 28pages

Anri Sonohara Doujin – Durarara

Anri Sonohara hentai doujin is ready to be fucked

Parasite Girl [English] based on Durarara!! (Anime Doujinshi)
Artist: Manga Super (Nekoi Mie)
Genre: Anri Sonohara x Nasujima, Teacher, Defloration, School Girl
Size: 30MB 50pages