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Doujin is a term used for self-published works in this case manga.
Most of them will feature characters from popular series of anime, manga and games.
But there are also great original works.

Most Popular Series: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball

[Code Geas] Ashford Gakuen Ero Matsuri (Full Color)

Kallen, Milly, Shirley and C.C. are getting fucked one after another.

Code Geass Doujin – Ashford Gakuen Ero Matsuri (English) [Full Color]
Mangaka: Aru Ra Une
Genre: Big Breasts, Group Orgy, Titfuck, School Girls, Uniforms
Size: 12Mb 20pages

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[To Heart 2] Sasara Kusugawa Big Tits Sex

Sasara Titfuck Bikini Hentai Doujin

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[One Piece] NyanNyan Hebihime 1-2

Boa Hancock big tits cleavage hentai manga

One Piece Doujin – NyanNyan Hebihime 1-2 (English)
Mangaka: Mangana
Genre: Rape, Boa Hancock, Nico Robin, Nami
Size: 44MB 64pages

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[Dragon Ball] Hot Spring Geezers VS Bulma

Naked bulma at hot spring hentai doujin

Dragon Ball – Hot Spring Geezers VS Bulma (English)
Mangaka: Pyramid House
Genre: Doujin, Bulma, Big Breasts, Group Sex, Old Men
Size: 8MB 32pages

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[Death Note] Misa Amane Hentai Manga

Misa amane x yagami hentai doujinshi

Death Note Hentai Manga Mini Pack(English)
Genre: Misa Amane, Stockings, Garter Belt, Light Yagami
Size: 24MB 73pages 3comics

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[Dynasty Warriors] Sisters Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao

Sisters Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao having sex with old man.

Dynasty Warriors Hentai Doujinshi – Sangoku Musou 2 (English)
Mangaka: URC
Genre: Sun Shang Xiang, Yuri, Rape, Strap-On, Huge Cock, Princess, Anal Sex
Size: 43MB 78pages

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Kazehana is My Sekirei Wife (Hentai Doujin)

Sekirei hentai doujin, touching wife kazehana firm and luscious big tits in sexy cleavage outfit
Minato married Kazehana, and on their first night he took her virginity.
15MB 23pages

[Code Geass] Kaguya Sumeragi Anal Sex (Kallen xxx)

Kaguya Sumeragi anal sex hentai
Code Geass Hentai Doujin

Black Knights Breakthrough (English) [Uncensored]
Mangaka: Kensoh Ogawa (Fukudahda)
Genre: Kaguya Sumeragi, Kallen Stadtfeld, Lactation, Anal Sex, Pussy Piercing
Size: 20MB 30pages

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Teen Girl Fucked by Tennis Coach

Tennis girls upskirt panties hentai manga

Awakening a Slight Fever (English)
Mangaka: Yakiyama Line (Kahlua Suzuki)
Genre: Oneshot, Tracksuit Teacher, Old Man, School Girls, Defloration
Size: 13MB 25pages

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[K-ON] Tsumugi Snake (Blowjob)

Tsumugi Blowjob K-ON Hentai Comics

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