Naru Love 1-8 (Naruto) [Color]

Naru Love 1-8 (English) [Full Color] ~update~
Serie: Naruto
Mangaka: Linda
Genre: Tsunade x Jiraija, Naruto x Sakura, Naruto x Hinata, Naruto x Tsunade, Sasuke x Sakura, Threesome
Size: 114MB 265pages

Preview Pictures

Both full color and black/white versions.

Naru Love 1 (Jiraiya x Tsunade)
Naru Love 2 (Naruto x Sakura)
Naru Love 3 (Sasuke x Sakura)
Naru Love 4 (Naruto x Hinata)
Naru Love 5 (Naruto x Tsunade)
Naru Love 6 (Naruto x Sakura and Hinata)
Naru Love 7 (Naruto x Sakura)
Naru Love 8 (Sai x Hinata)

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Updated on: Sep 22, 2017

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