Doujin is a term used for self-published works in this case manga.
Most of them will feature characters from popular series of anime, manga and games.
But there are also great original works.

Most Popular Series: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball

[Dead or Alive] Kasumi and Helena Sex Doujin

Kasumi Ayane Dead or Alive Hentai

Dead or Alive Doujin (English) [Uncensored] [COLOR]
Mangaka: Ohkura Bekkan
Genre: ayane, kasumi, helena douglas, gangbang, blackmail, sleeping
Size: 38MB 47pages

[DBZ] Android 18 NTR (Hypnosis)

Android 18 ntr hentai manga
I wasn’t too sure about working on this near-deserted island. The laid-back old man, the friendly father, cheerful daughter. The only problem was the wife “18”. She was stunningly beautiful. And i fell madly in love with her. She was married but as long as i have this hypnosis app..

[Dead or Alive] Ayane Impregnation (Black Old Man)

Ayane in tiny bikini rubbing lotion on her boobs
Ayane is on Zack island’s. It was supposed to be relaxing vacation.. but rich old man is doing whatever he wants with her. Since he was cumming inside of her few times a days, of course he knocked her up. After all even with huge belly there is no time to rest..

Mommy Netori 1-5

Mom and Son Netori Hentai Manga

Gundam Build Fighters – Mommy Netori 1-5 (English)
Mangaka: Gouon (SWA)
Genre: Doujin, Milf, Mom-Son, Shota, Impregnation, Rinko Iori x Sei Iori
Size: 118MB 140pages

[Gundam] Kaoruko Sazaki Anal Sex (BBW)

BBW Kaoruko Titfuck Inverted Nipples Hentai
Kaoruko got a bit fat and wants to loose some weight. Time for secret training. Just straddle symbian machine with plug inserted in your anus..

Gundam Build Fighters Try – Shiritsubo Assvase (English)
Mangaka: Rojiura Jack (Jun)
Genre: Anal Sex, BBW, Machine, Big Penis, Weight Loss, Kaoruko Sazaki
Size: 25MB 27pages

Old School Janitor Got Haruka Pregnant

Old Man fuck Haruka Hentai Manga
Recently, he’s been teling me that he want to do it without a condom. When he heard that he could do it raw..

[Soul Eater Hentai] Maka Albarn Fuck

Petite Maka Albarn gets fucked Soul Eater Hentai Manga

Soul Eater – Soul Breaker (English)
Mangaka: Pooca (Nora Shinji)
Genre: School Uniform, Defloration, Drugs, Mind Break, Small Breasts, Rape
Size: 10MB 18pages

[Dragon Ball] Kame-Sennin’s Perverted Wish

Now, speak your wish. I will grant you any wish you desire!
“I want to have sex with the girls that appear in dragon ball!”

Tsukiumi I Can See Your Panties (Doujin)

Licking wet pussy through her panties hentai manga
I’ll let the panties bite into your pussy to make you feel better.

Sekirei Doujin – I Can See Your Panties (English)
Mangaka: Honey Bump
Genre: big breasts, stockings, cunnilingus, titfuck, Tsukiumi x Minato
Size: 10MB 26pages

[Ah My Goddess] Midgard 1-32 (Collection)

Midgard hentai doujinshi pack

Ah! My Goddess! Doujins – Midgard 1-32 (English) [Complete]
Mangaka: Outerworld
Genre: big breasts, angels, dark skin, ntr, straight shota, story arc
Size: 465MB 1070pages